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Wealth Maintenance for Physicians

Following are a few of the unique money challenges faced by established doctors:

  • Investment choices: Salaries for physicians may increase rapidly. So, too, do the demands of a medical career. Many doctors may be time-pressed to research all of the investing options available to them. Without adequate time for analysis, they may find it difficult to know which options will help them meet their financial objectives.
  • Retirement planning: How you approach wealth management should change as you approach retirement. Asset allocation should shift to reflect your ideal retirement timeline and lifestyle. Time is a factor here as well. While shifting portfolio selections may fall within your areas of interest, the demands of an ever-changing medical specialty may challenge you to find time to monitor and reallocate your portfolio as needed.

My team and I can help you nurture your wealth as you navigate these unique financial challenges. As you build long-term relationships with patients, we will build a long-term financial management plan for your growing and maintaining wealth.